Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Variations on a theme of... shampoo

I've been using the Aromantic shampoo recipe and ingredients for about 6 months now and I think they're great - gentle and effective. I've got three variations that I've made so far:

1. A decoction of rose petals for the water content, and then the essential oils of rosewood, sandalwood and ylang ylang added at the end. I used this myself for quite a long time and it is a good all round shampoo. I stopped using a conditioner as I found that I just didn't need it anymore.

2. A decoction of chamomile flowers (good for lighter hair), and then a little more chamomile essential oil, honey moisturiser and sea silk added. This is my current favourite, leaving my hair really soft and conditioned.

3. A decoction of rosemary and nettle, and then the essential oils of sage, thyme and a little ginger added as well as (I almost forgot) D-Panthenol. I haven't tried this one yet (although the first report I've had back has been positive), but again I think it's going to be a good all-rounder. It also has the properties of being good for dandruff and unhappy scalp (rosemary) and hair loss (nettle and ginger).

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  1. Elizabeth,

    I found this shampoo to be excellent:)
    It even gets rid of the itchiness in the scalp that!

    Well done,

  2. Thank you Robert :-)

    Just to clarify - Robert is referring to the Rosemary & Nettle variation.

  3. Chamomile & Honey Moisturising Shampoo:

    Hair: Dark blonde and coloured for 45 years. In an average week a range of different hair products are used together with heat treatment.

    Despite my hair being porous it is in reasonably good condition.

    I found the shampoo cleaned well leaving my hair soft and fragrant. Although not essential I still have a preference for a conditioner as I feel my hair needs the extra care.

    I look forward to using one of your hair conditioners next.

    Best wishes