Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Scent up North

This is an aftershave recipe that I found online ages ago (can't remember where at the moment) and made for a friend, and have since had a repeat request for it (always a good sign). I christened it "North" and it has a woody, slightly smoky smell.

I made it up in a mini spray bottle from Boots (75ml) and it contains:
  • 40ml denatured ethanol (you can also use 100% proof vodka)
  • 7.5ml water
  • 7.5ml essential oils
The essential oils are made up from:
  • 24 drops sandalwood
  • 18 drops cedarwood
  • 18 drops juniper
  • 12 drops frankincense
  • 12 drops myrrh
  • 6 drops black pepper
  • 6 drops pine
It's meant to have 3 - 6 weeks to "mature" while the essential oils get to know each other. 

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  1. Mmmm, a very nice combinatiƶn of essential oils & booze! Well done :-).

    I'll spend new year's day concocting "North." It will B a pleasure indeed.

    Perhaps obtaining naming-copywright on North, may stop a large cosmetic organisation snapping up your name.

    U could share the recipe in europe, in exchange for many herbal treatments used today (that could be shared on this site).

    If this site accessed old-continent treatments, your scent could also be called "Norde" (North).... or am I thinking globally again?

    Anyway, I'm a new member. I look forward to sharing my hobby of creating tinctures, oils, infusions, etc, with like-mined people.

    May everyone enjoy a prosperous and peaceful New Year.

    Kind regards, Ana

  2. Hi Ana, thanks for your comments. This is a really nice scent. The one thing I'm still not happy with is that the perfume & aftershave I've made doesn't stay on as long as commercial ones. I wonder if it needs some kind of "fixing" ingredient. Another one to research at some point! I'd be interested to hear how you get on, and if you set up a blog or site let me know so that I can come and have a look! Warm regards, Elizabeth

  3. Hi Elizabeth
    I made my own blend of perfume from essential oils. I love it - my daughter says it smells like Fenjal.
    Like you, I tried the blend in oil and I liked the way it made your skin glow at the same time. The perfume was long lasting.

    Then I tried using vodka as the mixer. The resinous oil - Benzoin - tends to 'glob'. It disperses when I shake the bottle but soon reforms. When I first it sprayed it on my skin, it came out ORANGE! My daughter packed up laughing but I don't care and I wear it regardless. Then I saw a recipe for Glace perfume so I made that. The recipe is:
    Glace de Perfum
    An excellent carrier for scent, this formula is rich, yet sinks right into the skin, leaving NO greasy after-feel.
    Ingredients List
    Beeswax, white or yellow 5 grams
    Carnauba wax 4 grams
    Fractionated Coconut Oil 50 g
    Mango butter 5 grams
    20-25 drops essential oil or fragrance blend
    Vitamin E , natural, 10 drops

    I used cocoa butter instead of mango butter as I don't have mango butter. You just put ingredients in your bain marie and melt. When it has all melted tog., put your oils in and pot up. It sets fairly quickly. I used about 60 drops all told (20 - 25 was not enough for me) but, compared to the whiff of Lush's solid perfumes, mine erred on the tame side!

    Take care
    Lynne aka Ariadne (too many aliases!)