About me

Welcome to Apotheblogary! My name is Elizabeth Marsh and as you may have guessed, I'm rather keen on herbs and the ways we can use them at home for simple remedies, beauty treatments and for household products.

People often do a “double take” when they hear Apotheblogary, the name of the blog I’ve been writing about herbs since 2007. It represents both my passion for growing and using herbs at home, and the possibilities of the internet for sharing this globally – plus the sense of fun I find in both!

I’m sometimes asked “how did you get into herbs?” and its always a pleasure to share fond memories of a tiny herb patch I grew in our back garden as a child, and picking chamomile on family walks. Even then, herbs held a sense of wonder. In the years between then and now, I forgot about herbs as I engaged in other pursuits – but things always have a way of coming round!

I’m not a herbalist, but simply love to explore how herbs can be used in the home as simple remedies and also in hair and skin products. The latter has also grown into a small business, Amiya Natural Beauty (http://www.amiyabeauty.co.uk), making herbal products.

In our busy lives we don’t always have time to grow, harvest and work with herbs. Yet even if we occasionally find the time to do so, there is great fulfilment in a process which reconnects us with a tradition of herbal wisdom. And we discover all around us rich pickings, all too often ignored: rosehip picking in the autumn to provide us with plentiful Vitamin C for the winter months; nettles and dandelions in the spring to help cleanse and revitalise our systems; and so many more!

I hope that you enjoy the herbal stories on this blog, and do say "hello" by commenting on a post or writing in the guest book.
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