Friday, 10 April 2009

Apotheblogary Slideshow!

I've just been uploading Apotheblogary pictures to Slideshare, here's the slideshow (including the scary white coat ;-) 

I'll keep adding new pictures to Flickr so the slideshow will grow over time!

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  1. Lovely photos Elizabeth, the lab coat is scary is sexy lol! I may have to ask you to let me use a couple of your photos on the Herb Society website in the future, look forward to seeing more of them.

    D x

  2. This is really brilliant Elizabeth! Well done! have you got loads of experience in creating web sites? I am in ore of you as I am trying to get a web site up and running with just basics but don't know where to begin. This site is so interesting and i am always keen to wait a while and then have a look as i know it will be interesting.
    I'm never dissapointed and look forward to your next updates. Love and luck from your fellow aromantic student and friend Marion x

  3. Thanks for the comments Debs & Marion. :)

    Debs, you're welcome to use some on the Herb Society. Luckily there's no pics of me with the hairnet on - lol - scary but definitely not sexy. :)

    Marion, so glad you enjoy the blog - I do too. :) I've emailed you re, the webby stuff - happy to give you some advice.

    Warm wishes,