Saturday, 24 November 2007

Elderberry Cordial

Our current favourite on the cordial-front is Elderberry - simple to make and delicious!

The ingredients? Dried elderberries (available from home brewing stores), Sugar, Water, and Campden Tablets as preservative.
I'm still busy working out the exact amounts, which I"ll post as soon as I have them.

The method? Warm the elderberries and water together in a saucepan (I usually do this on a gentle heat for about an hour), then leave them overnight. The next day I strain out the elderberries then warm the liquid again before adding the sugar, tartaric acid and campden tablet. Then allow to cool and decant into bottles.

Once I have the amounts, I will compare the price to popular cordials such as Ribena. When I first tasted this Elderberry cordial I liked it just as much as Ribena, so I'll be interested to see the difference.

More to follow...
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