Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Industry news: Charles brings his herbal medicines to the high street

I just came across this article about the Prince of Wales launching some herbal remedies under his Duchy Originals brand in the UK:
The Prince of Wales attracted praise and ridicule yesterday for launching a range of herbal medicine in high street shops. Marketed under his Duchy Originals brand, the tinctures are made from plant extracts and said to relieve ailments such as colds, low moods, anxiety and indigestion.

Boots started selling the products this week and Waitrose will soon stock the range, which the Prince hopes will popularise the spread of complementary medicine. Duchy Originals said the products – priced at £10 each – provide "alternative and natural ways of treating common ailments".
The article takes the usual angle of the British press on Prince Charles: ridicule. But from my perspective it seems like a positive thing that he is using his position and influence to promote natural remedies.

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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Getting ready for the hayfever season

I've been recommended a new tea for hayfever: sage and thyme. I'm drinking it now and it's reasonably tasty, helped a lot by the addition of lemon and honey. Now is the time to start drinking it in preparation for the season - 3 times a day for the next 6 months and I might go off it a bit. I'll also be drinking nettle and elderflower, another hayfever tea.
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Making natural baby products

The Christmas season saw the arrival of my best friend's first baby, the beautiful young Catherine, who I had the joy of meeting last week. It was also an opportunity to make some new lotions and potions, and to give Catherine a natural and nourishing welcome to the world. I chose three recipes from Aromantic's Recipes for Baby Products: a baby oil, a baby lotion, and a nappy rash cream. In this post, I write about some of the ingredients that went into these products, and which make them so lovely.

Baby oil:
  • Peach kernel oil - a good oil for sensitive skin
  • Rosehip oil - also good for sensitive skin, a lighter, 'drier' oil than peach kernel oil so a good blend
Baby lotion:
  • Rice bran oil - a gentle, softening oil suitable for sensitive skin
  • Evening primrose oil - a soft oil good for sensitive skin, a 'dry' oil so easily absorbed
  • Chamomile CO2 extract - good for any kind of skin irritation due to it's anti-inflammatory properties (but gives the lotion a slightly yellow/green-ish tinge!)
Nappy rash cream:
  • Calendula oil - used for its healing and tissue-regenerating properties
  • Shea butter - protects and moisturises the skin and helps it to heal
  • Zinc oxide - used to help calm irritated skin
And here is a picture of the finished products, including my first printed labels! :-) And, yes, if you have sharp eyesight, I did call the nappy rash cream "baby bottom bliss" in a moment of labelling madness! LOL

I loved making these new products and I hope they will be effective for my new young friend - as always, I'll add any feedback in the comments!

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