Sunday, 4 January 2009

Making natural baby products

The Christmas season saw the arrival of my best friend's first baby, the beautiful young Catherine, who I had the joy of meeting last week. It was also an opportunity to make some new lotions and potions, and to give Catherine a natural and nourishing welcome to the world. I chose three recipes from Aromantic's Recipes for Baby Products: a baby oil, a baby lotion, and a nappy rash cream. In this post, I write about some of the ingredients that went into these products, and which make them so lovely.

Baby oil:
  • Peach kernel oil - a good oil for sensitive skin
  • Rosehip oil - also good for sensitive skin, a lighter, 'drier' oil than peach kernel oil so a good blend
Baby lotion:
  • Rice bran oil - a gentle, softening oil suitable for sensitive skin
  • Evening primrose oil - a soft oil good for sensitive skin, a 'dry' oil so easily absorbed
  • Chamomile CO2 extract - good for any kind of skin irritation due to it's anti-inflammatory properties (but gives the lotion a slightly yellow/green-ish tinge!)
Nappy rash cream:
  • Calendula oil - used for its healing and tissue-regenerating properties
  • Shea butter - protects and moisturises the skin and helps it to heal
  • Zinc oxide - used to help calm irritated skin
And here is a picture of the finished products, including my first printed labels! :-) And, yes, if you have sharp eyesight, I did call the nappy rash cream "baby bottom bliss" in a moment of labelling madness! LOL

I loved making these new products and I hope they will be effective for my new young friend - as always, I'll add any feedback in the comments!

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  1. The containers you use make your stuff look so professional. I would like to get some and try to make gifts for my friends. Where do you gat them from??

  2. Hello, thanks for your comment. I'm working on setting up a small business to sell my products, so its great to know I'm going in the right direction with the packaging. I got these bottles/ jar from which is great if you just want a small number of bottles. I hope your friends enjoy the presents! :-)