Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Putting the ZEST in Ceylon tea!

I recently made this recipe from a book (with lots of pictures!) called 'Herbal Tea Remedies' by Jessica Houdret. I've adapted it a bit in the making...

Peel the rind off of an orange and a lemon in thin strips and then dry it slowly in a warm place. I put it on saucers on top of the radiator, which also gives a lovely scent while they're drying. When dry I broke them into small pieces and mixed with about 55g of ceylon tea (the original recipe mixes in twice this amount of tea). Jessica also suggests adding a drop or two of orange and lemon essential oils which I haven't tried yet...

This isn't about to go in my favourites list as I still prefer a slice of lemon in my tea - but if you allow it a good brew it makes a subtle and tasty cup! Perhaps as iced tea in the summer as well? I think it would make a nice present and it smells and looks pleasant.
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