Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sharing veg at Canalside Community Food

Wow! Just look at that! :-) That's my first veg share from Canalside Community Food just outside Leamington Spa. I know this is pushing the topic boundaries of Apotheblogary but I did say in the description that it's all about "self reliance and creativity" - Canalside definitely fits that description!

It was really exciting this evening to go down to Leasowe Farm and collect my veg - the best veg shopping experience ever, and not a vacuum pack in sight. I joined the Canalside Community on Saturday for a work day and social. We planted broad beans (my favourite!) and then did some weeding and pulling out of old runner beans. The wind was seriously chilled by the company was warm and friendly, and I enjoyed getting my hands dirty while meeting new people. I can only look forward to how rewarding it will be to eat those broad beans next spring after partipating in a tiny piece of their journey. The work was topped off by a roaring fire, good things to eat, and a tour of the farm.

Canalside are advertising at the moment on their website, offering veg shares: http://canalsidecommunityfood.org.uk. I think it's a brilliant idea, hats off to all those who run it! I can't imagine why anyone, paying a subscription to a gym to keep fit wouldn't exchange it for joining a few work days and getting lovely veg in return for their investment. And now, there's a cheeky little beef bourgignon bubbling away in the kitchen and just waiting to accompany a helping or two of my first veg share. ;-)

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