Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Aromantic's Autumn/ Christmas newsletter is out!

Kolbjorn Borseth at Aromantic has just published their autumn newsletter, and opens with some great encouragement for all those of us thinking of setting up a small business to sell our products:
The recent news is mostly about hardships economically in the world. Right now we can say that we haven’t felt the downturn. I also have contacts in Europe in the natural cosmetics area and some report that sales have even increased! At least the beauty industry seems to be somewhat recession proof. Beauty sales total about £27 billion in Europe! It seems that people need to treat and pamper themselves. It may be that in these times, it is a good opportunity for people to start small businesses that have low overheads and greater flexibility, as they will have an advantage over the larger companies with fixed overheads.

As Henry Ford said: “Obstacles are the scary things you see when you take your eyes off the goal”.
It's packed full of information about Aromantic's latest raw materials, courses, recipes... and lots of knowledge - I look forward to reading it cover-to-cover! And of course, I'm very happy to see a mention of our Aromantic Students forum, which hopefully means that we'll get some more people joining in the discusson we're having on experiences of making the recipes and starting out in business.
Aromantic customer and course participant, Elizabeth Marsh has set up an online private discussion group for people who have attended Aromantic courses and who would like to talk and network online. According to Elizabeth, a few members who have joined so far have enjoyed talking about their experiences making creams. I think this is a great idea and Elizabeth asked me to put the details of the group in our newsletter, so here’s the address:
http://groups.google.com/group/aromantic-students The criteria for membership is that you must have attended at least one Aromantic Course.
Happy reading! :-)

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