Saturday, 22 November 2008

Keeping up with herbal bloggers

There are some great herbal bloggers out there, but I don't always have time to keep up with of them. A good way to keep up with blogs and news sites is by using RSS feeds, like the one you can subscribe to on this site. If you're not yet familiar with RSS and how to use it to make life on the web a bit simpler, I really recommend the following short, person-friendly video called "RSS in plain English":

In the video they show how to use an online "reader" to follow the blogs you're interested in. That's one way of doing it, but personally I prefer to use my Email programs (Mac Mail and Microsoft Outlook) to follow my RSS feeds - meaning I can keep up with email and news all in one place.

But I follow a lot of blogs, both for my work and personal interests, and that can mean a long list of feeds to go through. Still not simple or quick enough for me! So what I've done is use a free online service called Yahoo Pipes to create a single RSS feed of all my favourite herbal bloggers. You can see it here:

And if you want to follow it then just copy and paste the above address into your online RSS reader or email program. 

Not all of the Herbal blogs I've visited have an RSS option on their site. I'd really encourage bloggers to add this option, which should be available on all blogging services, as it helps your readers to stay in touch with what you're writing about. 

You can see blogs I'm following in this feed at:

It would be great to hear from herbal-ish bloggers who I haven't included in the feed!

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