Thursday, 18 March 2010

Rosemary wine for boosting memory

I've just decanted a bottle of rosemary wine that has been infusing for the last couple of weeks. This was inspired by my research into herbs to help concentration. I got the idea from James Wong's 'Grow Your Own Drugs' (though I'm sure its been made in many households going way back!). James writes: "Rosemary is called the 'herb of remembrance' and has traditionally been used to improve the memory and help with dementia."

It certainly packs a punch - both the smell and taste are strong, much more so than I've experienced with rosemary tea or cooking with rosemary. As well as sipping this from time to time as a stimulating drink I can certainly see it going into a salad dressing or sauce.

I don't have great circulation so this ought to be a good drink for me as rosemary boosts the circulation (I've also gone back to sprinkling a little cayenne pepper on my vegetables!). Now there's a thought... rosemary and cayenne wine, yee hah!

Rosemary is such an amazing herb that has so many uses. I just did a quick search on my blog to remind myself of some of the recipes I've used it in.

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  1. Hi
    On the subject of Rosemary - went to collect some from my garden yesterday to put in my roast veggies and those pretty but very nasty little beetles are active already. They have decimated my rosemary bush and I refuse to use chemicals to kill the critters! Guess there is no alternative but to manually pluck and stamp on them! Ugh! Your rosemary looks terrifically healthy, Elizabeth.
    Lynne x

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