Saturday, 10 October 2009

Amiya Natural Beauty launches selling herbal shampoos

You may have followed my tales of shampoo-making on Apotheblogary over the last few years: a journey to make a range of natural, herbal shampoos that are also really effective. Well, I'm happy to announce that I'm finally "there"! :-)

Last month I launched a website for my business, Amiya Natural Beauty, selling all four of my herbal shampoos (I've written all about them on the Amiya blog). It's been quite a long journey and a big learning curve: from understanding legal requirements through to labelling and packaging (not to mention perfecting the shampoo itself). With this experience in hand, I'm now working on some new products which will be coming very soon! You can find out more on the Amiya website, and I would very much value your custom should you decide to become one of my first customers! :-)

And now I'm off for an autumn walk and some rosehip picking with my dad! :-)

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