Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Enjoying 'Grow your own drugs' on BBC2

I just caught up on the first two episodes of 'Grow your own drugs' on BBC2. Very enjoyable! And it's great to see something in the mainstream reminding everyone that we can be much more self-reliant in making our own home remedies.

Before I was half way through watching, it had me reaching for my herbal and cosmetic recipe books, just itching to get experimenting. I've been so focussed on perfecting a couple of herbal products recently (the shampoos) that it hasn't left much space for playing around and trying new things.

The recipes from the programme that I fancy making are the hops and lavender pillow for sleep (although I generally sleep quite well, I'm curious about it!), and the kiwi and papaya face mask. More to follow... :-) 

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how your recipes turn out. I'm a new member of CCFP by the way. (Your link to it throws up a rather interesting looking hotel in America incidentally!) Wonder what you think about what James Wong is doing. Must say I think he's inspiring too.

  2. Hi Lizzie,

    Nice to hear from you & hope to meet you sometime at Canalside. Thanks for the heads up re, the link (LOL!) I've fixed it now.

    I tried to get hold of a papaya in the week but couldn't find one in Leamington centre - oh well! I'll keep looking...

    I think its great to see something like this programme in the mainstream, encouraging people to make stuff for themselves rather than just buying things ready made all the time. I've heard tell that the more "purist" of the herbalists are a bit upset about the programme (a) because he's not a herbalist and (b) because he's made some mistakes so far (e.g. - senna is usually considered by herbalists to be a bit too aggressive, and he put quite a lot in). Ah well, I suppose there's always going to be someone offended! ;-)

    Warm regards,