Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Making herby fabric conditioner

Just making some herbal fabric conditioner, thanks to a suggestion from Debs at Herbal Haven. Nice and simple:- I've used dried rose petals and lavender, and filled up the jar with white vinegar. In fact, I used ascetic acid diluted 1:7 with water to make the white vinegar, which is less fish and chip shop smelly. I'll leave it to brew for... a few weeks (?) before trying it. I've used white vinegar with essential oils before, which was Ok but took a lot of oil to get any scent on the clothes.
Making herbal fabric conditioner
Update: I've had a chance to try this one out and I'm not that impressed with it. Although it smells good before going in the wash none of the scent is left afterwards. The clothes do come out soft, but I find this is the case anyway using Eco Balls (as I have been since January). A downer is that it makes a mess of the washing machine draw too (the colour from the rose petals). Last week I attended a Mercian Herb Group meeting where Debs gave us lots of new ideas to try out, including a fabric softener recipe - so more on that soon! :-)

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  1. Looks good, smells even better, glad the tip was useful :) You'll have to tell me more about using ascetic acid, where do you get it from etc?


  2. Hi Debs, you can get the ascetic acid from www.soapkitchenonline.co.uk (look in the household products section). I'll let you know how this batch turns out! Elizabeth