Sunday, 24 August 2008

Elderberry tincture

Busy or no, I wasn't going to miss the chance to make my first elderberry tincture this year! As the rain cleared up to a warm afternoon I've been out picking! I got bag of elderberries which have now been washed, plucked off the stalks, and covered in vodka. I'll syphon them off in a couple of weeks ready for any winter colds.

After a look in our (very overgrown) background I also got a bonus of some blackberries and cooking apples. I can feel a crumble coming on... :-)

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  1. Just siphoned off the tincture - a bit late, I know! Mmm... not a bad tipple that. :-)

  2. Umm - the standard time for infusing tinctures is three weeks. With elderberries you can leave them in for months and just decant as you wish. By my reckoning, you only left yours in the alcohol for 2 weeks and one day, so not late at all! You might want to infuse another batch for longer and see what the difference is.

    If you have blackberries and don't fancy a crumble, you might want to try making a blackberry syrup using a recipe similar to elderberry syrup. It's good for those times when your tummy and bowel don't love you any more!

    The easiest way to destalk elderberries is to use a fork to detach the berries.

    Happy gathering!