Saturday, 12 July 2008

Discussion forum for Aromantic Students

This is a post to everyone I've met at Aromantic courses this year! At the course last week I said I would set us up a forum where we can connect and learn from each other as we continue to make up Kolbjorn's recipes. I've set us up a private Google Group to do just this - all you need to do is click on the link below to go to the group and request to join. You'll see that you get options to receive emails as a daily digest, individually, or not at all.

Aromantic students - Google Group:

I'm away for the next week so I'll accept any join requests when I get back. I look forward to seeing you online! :-)

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1 comment:

  1. Brilliant idea Elizabeth!
    I ment to get your details from the course in April but didn´t and you have crossed my mind along with a couple of other students, several times.
    I am enjoying your website and will add a few "snipits" if I think of anything that may be of help to anyone.
    Hope you had a nice holiday and keep up the good work.
    Kind regards Marion (Spain)