Saturday, 31 May 2008

The gift of beauty - a visit to RHS Wisley

Yesterday I visited RHS Wisley gardens with my father, Robert. What a wonderful privilege to be surrounded by so much beauty throughout the gardens - colours, scents, and the texture of so many different leaves abound! We went, primarily, to visit the herb garden and "put faces to names" as it were for the various herbs we've been studying and starting to use in a dry or tinctured form. 

After some of the grand plants and vibrant colours - like the rhodedendrons or the tropical plants of the Glasshouse - the herb garden is a humble looking space. But with so many hidden secrets and qualities! The experience of being able to touch, smell and in many cases, see for the first time the herbs was very inspiring. I find myself starting to remember their uses and names, not so much through linear study but through reading up on them as I use them.

I forgot to take my camera, but here's the one shot I did take using my mobile phone. It's the chaste tree (agnus castus) which I'm currently researching as one of the key herbs for the female cycle:

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