Saturday, 10 May 2008

Elderflower and Yarrow tea

This is another herbal tea that isn't going to make the taste buds jump for joy. Yes, another acquired taste I'm afraid (or one aided by honey)! LOL 

I've added this one to my repertoire with the advent of the hayfever season, although I'm happy to report that I've only had the lightest, weeniest bit of hayfever so far. (Is that all the nettle tea I've been drinking the last 4-5 months?) Anyhow, elderflower and yarrow tea is reported to strengthen resistance to hayfever, and it should be drunk ahead of the season.

Yarrow (achillea millefolium) has a wide range of uses including temperature reduction in the early stages of fevers, flu and colds. It's a mildy bitter herb that can help with digestion. I've seen the suggestion of mixing it with elderflower and peppermint for colds and feverish conditions. Historically, it was used as a vulnerary (meaning it helps in the cleansing and healing of wounds, cuts and ulcers) and was known as "soldier's wound wort".

Elderflower (sambucus nigra) as a tea is recommended for sinusitis, colds, running nose, hayfever and flu. It is also said that eating the fresh flowers can relieve the symptoms of hayfever. It is advised that the tea should be drunk 3 times a day, starting 2 months before the hayfever season.

A good addition to this tea would be eyebright (euphrasia) - which is on my shopping list! :-) All of these herbs can be purchased on the internet, I usually use Baldwins and I've been recommended Grey's Herbal Supplies. And to make it... I just recently got a lovely glass teapot with an internal filter for loose herbs (it was reduced to £10) from BHS.

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  1. I'm really sorry you don't like elderflower tea - made from fresh elderflowers, it is one of the most delightful teas there are. The flowers should be out soon once this rain stops, so maybe you'll be able to source some locally.

  2. Thanks for your comment Sarah. I'll look out for them fresh - apparently you can eat the fresh flowers as a hayfever remedy as well.

  3. I'm a big fan of elderflower tea .. I actually really like the taste! But then I drink it when I have a cold, when maybe my tastebuds are impaired? If you add peppermint to the yarrow and elderflower it makes a very good combination for colds/flu and will probably help the taste for those who don't like it?

    The elderflowers are out round my way .. am hoping to go out gathering this week (depending on the weather!)

    Fingers crossed your hayfever stays away :-)

  4. Hello Hedgewitch :-)

    The elderflower tea is growing on me (not literally). I got some eyebright this week to add to the elderflower and yarrow, and I'm enjoying this mixture.

    The elderflower gathering sounds like fun! I need to look up some pictures of the elder tree - I'm sure I've see lots of them but just don't know quite what they look like.

    So far, my hayfever has been very little (touch wood... or elderflower... or nettle! ;-)