Sunday, 27 April 2008

Vitamin A & Calendula cream

I'm excited! :) I've just made a very healing cream - an adaptation of Kolbjorn Borseth's Vitamin A cream, and thanks to a suggestion from him on the course last week. The purpose of this cream is for my father who has damaged skin on his fingers from many years working with strong chemicals in the printing trade. The tips of his fingers crack in cold weather or after intense usage (e.g. - playing his lute). It is also a generally therapeutic and regenerative cream (the base recipe is one for eczema). 

Amongst it's ingredients - and in addition to the Vitamin A and Calendula oils which you've probably already guessed! - are shea butter, borage oil, vitamin E oil, aloe and little lavender.
So if I may present the cream, in three stages:

1. Getting both the fat and water stages to 75-80C

2. The finished cream - very well whisked!

3. Bottled, and ready to go :)
Update! I've made a few other healing creams since this post:

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  1. This is exactly the sort of thing I'd like to be able to make at home. However, my home is in upstate New York (near Canada). And I can't afford to fly to Scotland to learn how to do this. Any connections, or classes, in the US?

  2. Hi Lonnie,
    I've met a lady from the US on a couple of Kolbjorn's courses - I'm not quite sure where she's from in the US, but she may know other people out there. I don't currently have her email address but I'm just in the process of connecting up with some of the people from the course so I'll try and get it and put you in touch (just be aware I'm on holiday for a week now so it'll be after that). You could also take a look at the website - Kolbjorn sells all of the recipes and instructions there. It helps to attend a course but it's not essential. The calendula cream recipe is in his book "The aromantic guide to making your own natural skin, hair and body care products" along with instructions. And I'd be happy to share some of my experience with you in adapting this recipe.
    Warm regards,

  3. Hi Girls,
    I have the details of the American lady (Cinda Phelps) who is a cosmetologist.
    She gave me her card and I am sure she will help if possible as she is a lovely lady.
    Her details are as follows ...
    14620 Reynolds Ln
    Marion IL 62959
    Telephone 618-997-4099
    Elizabeth this is great!
    Thanks Marion

  4. Elizabeth and Mousey, thanks so much for all this information! I'll follow through. Elizabeth, I may be in touch with you by email for your ideas.
    Syracuse, NY

  5. For other U.S. classes in natural skincare check out Back Porch Soap Company's classes in Boston, NYC and San Francisco.