Monday, 28 April 2008

Dandelion pesto

Well! Why not? You get rocket pesto, red pepper pesto, aubergine pesto etc. So I've just made up dandelion pesto, adapting a Jamie Oliver recipe for normal basil pesto (I bet he didn't see that one coming! LOL):

3 handfuls of fresh, chopped dandelion leaves
1 handful of lightly toasted pine nuts
1 clove of garlic

Whizz the above ingredients up in the blender (or by hand using a pestle and mortar) and then gradually stir in 1 handful of parmesan and some olive oil until it's the right consistency. Season it and (if you want) add a squeeze of lemon.

And the verdict is... I've just had it with spaghetti and it is of course quite bitter tasting, but it's not bad. Pesto is just about one of my favourite sauces, and this is never going to replace it - but for a change once in a while, and when the fridge is a bit empty (but the garden is full), I can eat this! ;)

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  1. Hello fellow Herb Lady,
    I just got some fresh dandy leaves at the farmers market today and I was looking for a pesto recipe when I found your great blog.
    I will give it a try ;).

  2. Hello Alchemille,
    I hope you enjoy! I just took a look at some of the products in your shop - I love the care you've taken in writing about the ingredients. :)
    Best wishes,