Monday, 2 July 2007

Tooth Powder

This is a recipe for tooth powder from our friends in South Africa. Bottom line: it does the job much better than any toothpaste I've ever bought! Here's the recipe:

1 rounded teaspoon of table salt
1 rounded teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
12 drops tea tree oil
2 drops clove oil
3 drops cinnamon oil
15 drops spearmint

Mix well with either a wooden skewer or with the handle of a teaspoon. Keep sealed when not in use otherwise the oils wil evaporate and the bicarbonate of soda will go flat.

We use it with electric toothbrushes, by just dipping them lightly in the mixture and then brushing. It makes you drool a lot, so pacing around the bathroom whilst brushing isn't an option! LOL It's strong and a bit honky when you rinse your mouth out but IT WORKS!
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  1. Since I originally posted I've switched to making this with Himalayan salt rather than table salt. As well as having therapeutic benefits, this also makes it non-honky!